Welcome to Dagral Played It.

This is my personal blog where I intend to practice writing by making game reviews and talking about things that interest me.

Latest from the Blog

Wizard of Legend

This month I played Wizard of Legend, a hack and slash rogue-like developed by Contingent99 and released in 2018. I hadn’t heard of Wizard of Legend until recently and I’m surprised by that because for the longest time, I was addicted to rouge-likes. I’ve put hundreds of hours into The binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne,Continue reading “Wizard of Legend”

A quick introduction

Hello, I’m Dagral and this is my bloggy thing, I’m mostly doing this as a way to practice writing, I like writing stories but sometimes I get in a slump or face some serious writers block, during those times I find it best to write about something completely different so that’s what I’ll be doing.Continue reading “A quick introduction”

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